What Is The Biggest Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra comes in a few different sizes and you may be wondering which is the best fit for you. They can differ in Cab length and Bed size, overall making the truck look a bit beefier or just a lot longer.

Which Toyota Tundra model is the Biggest? The SR5 Double Cab is a slightly bigger truck, in terms of length coming in at 247.8 inches with an 8.1 ft truck bed. The Tundra TRD Pro has a 5.5 ft bed coming in at an overall length of 228.9 in. The SR5 Tundra with 8.1 ft bed has the longer wheelbase at 164.6 in.

They differ a lot in price and the way the truck looks, finding one to suit your needs may take a bit a time.

Keep reading to find out which is the best size truck for you and whether or not bed size or cabin space differs between the models of Tundra.

What Is The Biggest Toyota Tundra

Technically, the Toyota Tundra SR5 double cab is a bigger truck, based solely on the length of the truck at 247.8 inches. This may not seem like the case to some people who prefer the Crewax model.

The Crewmax model offers a larger cab. This is what some would call a larger truck and just disregard the bed length of the truck, but still when looking for a truck future owners may have different needs.

I was personally fine with my double cab, as I don’t have kids and I do not often have more than one passenger in my truck. I would rather have a little extra room in my bed for couches and plywood. It has made a difference in my life when I have to move a lot around.

I have and see a lot of other owners with the 6.5 ft bed and they are often happy with it. The TRD Pro has a very nice size cabin with room for a whole family, but it is a bit short looking from the outside.

The Double Cab

With the Double Cab offering the most customizations in terms of bed sizes, it does not have a lot of the interior mods as the TRD Pro and Limited editions.

The Double Cab surprisingly holds more passengers as the standard truck comes with a foldable console that turns into a seat. The truck can fit 6 people comfortably though it may be a tight fit most will be okay for a long ride in the back given the legroom.

The double cab does offer a model with the center console shifter that is a bit more luxurious and has some interior upgrades, but it is not standard on the truck. You can get a 4 wheel drive option on the Double Cab, which I highly recommend and comes in handy when you’re going up a wet slope or on a gravel road.

Both the Double Cab and CrewMax have the same height at 75.8 in and the same width at 79.9 in. The SR5 with the 6.5 ft bed will appear from the outside to be the same size as the Tundra TRD Pro with the 5.5 ft bed.

The CrewMax

Have you ever been on a long road trip and really wanted to stretch out in the back of the Truck or SUV. Maybe even take a nap while having plenty of stuff packed in the floorboards with you comfortably so you are not crammed on one seat.

Well the CrewMax comes to mind when I think about huge spacious truck that offers more room than any SUV I have seen.

When we look at the CrewMax VS Double cab in terms of towing.

5.7L V8 Double Cab 4×4 6.5 foot bed: max towing: 9,900 lbs; max payload 1,730 lbs

5.7L V8 CrewMax 4×4 5.5 foot bed: max towing: 8,800 lbs; max payload 1,530 lbs

They are very similar in terms of the overall towing capacity and in terms of payload, which is the weight that can be put directly on the truck bed, which could come in handy if you’re needing to haul some cement around.

The CrewMax does have that larger fuel tank at 38 gallons vs the Double Cab’s 26.4-gallon tank. This can hurt at the pump a little, but I would much prefer filling up less.

The CrewMax with the much larger rear cabin doors makes the truck look a little beefier from the outside. The TRD Pro CrewMax does come with everything and has a 5.5 ft bed as the only option.

Toyota does make a TRD Pro Double Cab model which only comes with the 6.5 ft bed so it’s great to see they are adding more options. The CrewMax’s biggest difference is that it’s offering that 7.6 in of extra legroom in the rear seats. This may not seem like much of a difference, but this rear cabin is huge.

It honestly feels like you have more room in the rear than the front seats. Adults well over 6 ft would feel extremely comfortable in the rear cabin of this truck so if you have a lot of passengers you are hauling around this may be the ones for you.

The truck would be excellent for having more than one car seat in the rear. While the Double Cab could hold them comfortably it is a much more snug fit and should be taken into consideration when looking into these two.

While I think someone who is 6 ft could fit perfectly fine in the rear seat of the DoubleCab, it may come down to how many passengers you constantly have in the back. Having three kids in the back of a Double Cab I believe they would fit just fine, but this may not be your preference.

One of the biggest differences is just the look of the two trucks from the outside. The Tundra CrewMax I feel looks like a complete full-size truck and more luxurious to some. The Double Cab has a different little door handle that is painted the same as the exterior color of the truck, so it kind of blends in and isn’t as that noticeable if you don’t own one already.

Some may be under the impression that the cab is the same size and the truck almost appears as if it has a suicide door similar to the FORD’s. If this doesn’t bother you at all then I would say go with the Double Cab as you may have no need for the extra leg room in the rear.

The price is where were they both differ greatly. The cheapest base model Tundra Double Cab with a 6.5 ft bed comes in at $33,575. The cheapest model of the CrewMax comes in at $37,850. This can differ greatly with more add ons and you will most likely not find such a simlple entry level CrewMax on any Toyota lot.

A CrewMax Tundra TRD Pro with the 5.5 ft bed comes in at $52,930 and continues to be Toyotas most premier package of the Tundra.

Related Questions

How do I know how much my Tundra can tow? Always look at the sticker on the inside of the driver door, this can tell you your truck’s exact towing capacity as well as tire pressure which most people seem to forget. This will be different if you put on some aftermarket wheels or different size tires. If so just make sure and speak to the tire professionals about your tire pressure.

Does the Toyota Tundra come in a Diesel model? Toyota is currently in the works with a Tundra Diesel truck and this may be on its way here in 2020. It has been stated that most likely it will come in only the CrewMax model and may only have one transmission option.

More than likely it will be a TRD Pro upgrade and be the more premium option of the two trucks. Due to everything going on in the current plan for Toyota, it would not surprise me if they save the Diesel for the new redesign of the Tundra.

Many fans of the Tundra have been asking Toyota for a redesign and one is definitely in the works but it may be out a couple of years and it would be fitting for Toyota to wait until the new Tundra edition to display their new Diesel Tundra. We’ll just have to wait and see as it looks like anything can happen right now.

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