Trucking Companies That Only Require Urine Tests 2023

A number of trucking businesses do a urine drug test to determine the number of drugs that have been ingested in the previous three days. Urinalysis is used to collect a driver’s DNA to verify their identity.

It helps keep drivers safe, saves time, maintains the company’s integrity, and produces clean outcomes. They do it after an accident and before hiring the drivers, and a bad report stays on the license for between four and six years.

The screening typically takes between two and three days and delivers comprehensive data. Laboratory professionals scrutinize the prescriptions and drugs. Other than the urine test, there are other tests such as hair follicle drug test for drug and alcohol testing.

What is a Trucking Company?

It is a facility that offers trucks, trailers, and Lorries for the purpose of transporting products from one place to another. In the first place, they make it easier for companies to transport complete truckloads throughout the United States.

The representatives of their company communicate with the freight brokers and make use of load boards. They will charge you a certain cost in order to move large and delicate materials without causing any harm to them.

They are in charge of ensuring that dangerous and secret materials are transported without incident. The organization makes use of a number of warehouses to keep the stuff for a period of many months. They have storage units, driving lanes, and parking places available to them.

Which Companies Require Only Urine Testing?

Here is a list of trucking companies that require only urine test and not hair follicle test in 2023:

●      Southern Refrigerated Transport

●      Martin Transportation Systems

●      Old Dominion Freight Line

●      Oak Harbor Freight Lines

●      P & S Transportation

●      TransWood Carriers

●      Henderson Trucking

●      Covenant Transport

●      Stevens Transport

●      Watkins Shepard

●      Western Express

●      Falcon Transport

●      Millis Transport

●      Jacobson/XPO

●      Dayton Freight

●      May Company

●      R + L Carriers

●      Trans-System

●      R.E. Garrison

●      Comcar CT

●      Jim Palmer

●      Groendyke

●      USA Truck

●      Prime, Inc.

●      Wil-Trans

●      TransAm

●      Beelman

●      Celadon

●      Mercer

●      Navajo

●      Hogan

●      CRST

●      TMC

●      PAM

Why does the urine test seem to be the only one trucking companies use?

In order to prevent accidents, they test the drivers’ urine to determine the number of drugs in it. It is common practice to discourage using substances that may act as addictive replacements. The hair follicle test jobs are similar to urine tests.

Avoid breaking the regulations at any cost.

The drinking of alcoholic beverages by truck drivers is against the law, according to federal authorities. They are responsible for transporting bulky and sensitive materials all around the United States.

Urine tests make it possible to get accurate information about the amount of alcohol in the blood. The penalties that are imposed on intoxicated drivers after drug testing are in accordance with the regulations of the state.

When they are behind the wheel of a large truck or trailer, truck drivers are not allowed to be under the influence of any substance. Urinalysis is one method that businesses use to ensure compliance with state regulations.

In the event that a violation has occurred and has shown in drug tests, the federal authorities will include a hauling firm together with the individual who was driving.

Accident avoidance and safety measures

A person who is under the influence of alcohol is unable to control medium to large vehicles when traveling on various highways. Poor control causes unexpected collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians.

It results in occurrences that are potentially fatal, and it takes the lives of individuals in the surrounding area.

In order to put a stop to actions of this kind, the representatives administer the test to determine the proportion of addictive substances found in the body of the worker.

To detect narcotics

A motorist who takes the test may have their blood analyzed to determine whether or not they have marijuana in their system. The regulations on the books at the federal level make it illegal for employees to partake in cannabis use.

Urinalysis is able to detect the presence of heroin and oxycodone in the system. In addition to this, the laboratory analyzes the amount of hydrocodone and methamphetamine found in human urine samples.

Phencyclidine use is prohibited for drivers, and the screening can identify the ratio of phencyclidine in their system. It is able to determine the amount of nicotine, opioids, and barbiturates that are present in the blood.

Improved ability to identify instances of recent drug usage

The workers engaged in operations involving transportation while also consuming an illicit substance that is addicting. A urinalysis may detect the use of liquid or solid substances within the most recent time frame.

Because it uses such complicated tactics, this screening process is so exact that nothing can hide from it.

To be successful in passing the government’s inspections

They favor these measures because it allows them to quickly identify workers who are inebriated or addicted. As a direct consequence of this, the authorities remove their names from the list of productive employees.

The corporation is able to pass government inspections because its employees are neat and tidy. Trucking businesses get a certificate from the federal authorities in recognition of their consistent, unrestricted performance during the course of their operations.

Protection of vehicular traffic

The pre-trip testing that occurs before a trip helps prevent tragic incidents that occur on the roads. This is due to the fact that the cars do not become unstable under varying speed situations.

Drivers who don’t use drugs are able to keep their composure even while navigating congested highways and roads.

Division of medications and pharmaceuticals

A number of different medications include trace amounts of alcohol and other chemicals to calm the human body and the central nervous system. There are some motorists who make use of sedatives that, include barbiturates and opioids.

Urinalysis is able to identify instances of high ratios of addictive substances and distinguish them from instances of usual usage.

The Federal Traffic Administration has established significant regulations pertaining to drug-containing medications. They place restrictions on the use of sedatives in the 12 hours leading up to a surgical procedure.

Protection for experienced drivers

Since losing competent and experienced drivers has a negative impact on their company, the corporations will only stop at something to avoid doing so. They do a urinalysis on a monthly basis in order to prevent issues of this kind.

They keep a record of an experienced worker in order to ensure that the transportation is regulated properly and without incident.

Less time consuming

In comparison to other methods of detection, this one requires much less time. For instance, determining the kind of alcohol consumed may take anywhere from eight to thirteen hours, depending on the health of the human stomach.

Within two to six days, the employees in the laboratory will be able to examine the benzodiazepines. Within two to four days, they can determine the heroin’s composition. In conclusion, they provide the findings of the methadone and oxycodone tests in around two to five days.

Maintain the integrity of the company

The intoxicated drivers cause damage to the vehicles, which in turn undermines the integrity of the trucking firm.

Urinalysis is one of the methods that the authorities use to ensure the validity of their operations. They make sure to have a clean and sober crew in order to facilitate continuous improvement.

Improved and more distinct outcomes

Due to the extensive review, the screening produces findings that are superior than those of other treatments. It makes it easier to get findings that are free of errors and provides a transparent report.

When do trucking companies do urine tests on their drivers?

Since a driver’s actions have been deemed questionable, they are able to do the screening at any time. However, it differs depending on the regulations that a shipping unit has in place.

In order to comply with federal legislation, the authorities do only drug tests as soon as possible following an accident. In addition, it is necessary for the insurance of a company and the workers employed by such a company.

The worker is not allowed to operate a trailer, truck, or any other vehicle until the results are available.

The owners are beginning to feel uneasy about the actions of one of their employees as a result of the incidents. Within ten to fifteen hours of the accident, a screening procedure is initiated since the loss of equipment raises questions.

When seeking work, 60-70% of persons of middle age opt for opportunities as truck drivers. The shipping units carry out the screening in accordance with the guidelines established by the company.

They never recruit drivers without first testing their urine for the presence of drugs at an appropriate level. Instead, they test applicants during the pre-employment phase to determine whether or not they have a history of addiction.

However, there are a few units that give a margin according to the health and ratios of usage, although this situation is quite uncommon.

What exactly is a urine test, and how does it function in the context of trucking companies?

The information on the applicant is sent to the testing facility by the representative. Forms and plastic containers are made easier to work with thanks to the laboratory. In order to eliminate the possibility of making mistakes, the sample is taken out at each screening location, and the following urine drug test method is used.

The candidates will prepare themselves for the screening process by following the instructions that are provided below. It is valid for pre employment drug screening as well as on going drug screening as well.

Consume a lot of water before you provide a urine sample to ensure that it is clean and complete.

Fill the container in accordance with the corresponding markings, then cover the openings.

On the day of the sample, you should not take your normal medicine since doing so might alter the findings.

Give the lab assistant the prescription that was written out by your physician.

On the day of the urinalysis, stay away from drugs and make sure you read the Performa before signing it.

The applicants are contacted by phone and emailed with the findings when the Transportation divisions have verified them. The candidates who are urine tested and their results came back negative are given jobs, while the rest are sent away.

How long is the window for the urine test for truck drivers?

It’s possible for the negative test result to remain on a commercial driver’s license for anywhere between four and six years. After then, they will continue to be part of the record up to the end of the return-to-duty term.

These businesses make use of a method known as CDL clearinghouse to provide an online record of the infraction to federal bodies and other shipping units.

The drivers have the ability to conceal the reports, but the agencies will store the data for an extended period of time. Skilled drivers have the option of revalidating their CDL if they refrain from using drugs and submit to further testing.

What consequences will the truck driver face if they are unable to pass a urine test?

After a failed urinalysis, the drivers are never terminated from their jobs at the company. Instead, they are given a warning notice, their driving licenses are taken away, and they are punished with further fines.

On the day that the workers are allowed to return to work, they are given a variety of tests, including a urinalysis. They are required to work under the supervision of a trained specialist in the field of substance addiction.

A driver’s license might be permanently revoked for life if they engage in aggressive actions or continue to use drugs. They report the person’s name to the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Road Traffic Administration. Due to the fact that he has a history of abusive behavior, no trucking company will hire him.


Trucking companies that only require urine tests for drug screening in 2023 in the USA are becoming more common as a means of ensuring the safety of their employees, the public, and their cargo. Drivers may have to clear the pre employment drug test as a prerequisite by the trucking companies.

Although urine testing is not foolproof and can only detect recent drug use, urine drug test maintains it’s status as a widely accepted and reliable method for testing for drug use in the trucking industry.

With the increasing importance of road safety, trucking companies must take measures to ensure that their drivers are sober and able to operate their vehicles safely. By requiring only urine tests, these companies are helping to promote a drug-free workplace and secure the roads for everyone.

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