Toyota Tundra Accessories 2022-2023

Paint Protection Film

Toyota Tundra Accessories 2022-2023

Multiple film layers of hardy urethane that are almost completely colorless aid in giving protection and resisting discoloration.

Developed specifically for those areas of the car that have the highest risk of suffering from chipping.

Separately packaged paint protection film for the front bumper is available to purchase.

The film offers some defense against the environmental dangers described in the previous sentence. On a film of higher grade, chemical stains such as those caused by bird droppings or tree sap are less likely to occur. If you have a Paint Protection Film on your vehicle, then the acidic deposits left behind by rainwater won’t be able to get through to the clear coat. UV deterioration is less likely to occur when Paint Protection Film is applied.

Paint Protection Film protects vehicles from damage caused by drivers who are reckless in parking lots, such as dings and scratches. These dangers can impact not only the painted surfaces of your hood, front bumper, and rocker panels but also every other painted surface on your car.

Skid Plate

A skid plate can be fastened to the underside of a vehicle for various purposes thanks to its adaptability and versatility. They are designed to improve airflow and aerodynamics when added to more compact automobiles such as sedans and coupes. They could also be installed on vehicles with low ride heights to protect them from “bottoming out,” which is when the vehicle hits the ground. Some people may install them on cars not designed for off-road use so that the car appears cooler; nonetheless, this seems like a fairly foolish reason to do this.

The primary function of a skid plate, which is also why we include them standard on all of our TRD trim levels, is to shield your vehicle’s underside and all of the components ordinarily exposed from the external factors that are encountered when going off-road. When driving through off-road environments, various types of gravel, dirt, and other loose particles can be stirred up. A skid plate will prevent these things from causing irreparable damage to your vehicle’s underbody.

Hard Tonneau Cover

Owners of pickup trucks purchase hard tonneau covers for various reasons, one of which is to shield their cargo from the elements, including precipitation, sunlight, dust, and snow. A hard tonneau cover will better prevent harm to your truck and its cargo than a soft one can. In the event of an accident, your hard tonneau cover will most likely sustain some minor dings and scratches, but the contents of your cargo will remain unharmed. Because it is more resistant to wear and tear, a hard tonneau cover is the better option.

premium look

It’s common knowledge that soft tonneau covers don’t have the same refined appearance as their hard counterparts. A hard tonneau cover is your best option if you want to give your truck a more luxurious appearance and an upgraded overall appearance.

colors to specification

You can obtain hard tonneau covers in any color or pattern you might want. If you don’t want to get a black one, no rule says you have to. There will be no more of those dull tonneau covers. Invest in a tonneau cover that complements the look of your truck to perfection. You’ll love your truck even more.

Bed steps

Feel free to put your foot on it.

The installation of truck bed steps is an efficient use of time. Not to mention it’s good for your knees and back. This non-slip, retractable bumper step is robust, and it swiftly flips down with the shove of a foot to provide a faster, easier, and safer way to load or unload the goods on your pickup. Holds up to a maximum of 600 kg. Because the frame attaches beneath the bumper, it can be used even while the tailgate is open or when the vehicle is being towed.

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Side Steps

Access to the truck bed can be gained from the side of the vehicle using side steps attached to the rear of the vehicle and running along its length. Some of the steps fold out from the side for convenient access and then fold back down and lock in place when the vehicle is in motion. The action of other stages consists of merely pushing down and up.

Bumper Steps

The operation of bumper or tailgate steps is comparable to that of side steps, except they are designed to be mounted and accessed at the bumper rather than the side of the vehicle. They are attached to the vehicle’s chassis to support hundreds of pounds.

Hitch Steps

Hitch stairs are designed to be attached to the trailer hitch of your car. Either fasten them in place and leave them there or take them out when they aren’t needed and store them in the vehicle until the next time you need them. There is a wide range of sizes, step widths, and styles available for hitch steps, and they all come equipped with non-slip grip pads or tread plates to provide safe footing in any environment. Some hitch steps come equipped with LED lights and reflectors so that you and other drivers on the road can see better in low-light conditions.

Cargo nets

There is a  chance that you have overlooked a Cargo Net whenever you have come into contact with one. They are quickly evolving into one of the most sought-after add-ons for pickups, trucks, vans, and SUVs among their owners. They can be used to secure loose things in the bed of your truck so that they do not fall out during transport or move around the bed while being transported. Cargo Nets are available in a wide range of dimensions and designs to cater to the requirements of individual customers. They can also be used to cover goods altogether or even as a divider in the bed of your vehicle, to help keep things orderly and prevent clutter.

A cargo net can be a very helpful piece of equipment when moving items. During transit, it is common for smaller goods to move around, which can happen in various vehicles, from tractor-trailers to pickup trucks. Cargo nets can be used to assist in securing the things, which will both limit the amount of movement the items experience and protect them from being destroyed. Webbing is knitted in a grid pattern to create heavy-duty cargo nets. These nets often have multiple anchor points. It is a multipurpose device that may be utilized for a range of purposes, such as moving electronic equipment across the country or moving some couches across town.

The webbing that is both heavy-duty and UV-protected is used in the construction of cargo nets to ensure that the nets do not tear while being transported. They have the potential to be incredibly convenient and to reduce wasted time. You may simply drape an item over a cargo net and then secure the net to the flatbed or truck bed rather than using a number of bungee cords, ratchet straps, or winch straps to secure the item. In addition, we have a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of load capacities.

Door Edge Guards

The following is the most straightforward response to the question, “What are door edge guards?”: They are paint guards for your automobile, which is certainly one of the most precious things you own and will likely go down in history as one of the most significant purchases of your life. In most cases, the next question that comes to mind is, “Why to use door edge guards?” The response to that is also really straightforward but requires a little more elaboration.

The paint that’s been applied to your automobile or truck is there for a purpose, and that purpose goes beyond just aesthetics. In addition to making something look nice, painting prevents the underlying surface from rusting and degrading over time. Therefore, when that paint is scratched or chipped, the problem is more than just a little cosmetic nuisance. This is because it can lead to worse problems in the future as moisture gains direct access to the metal, which can cause rusting and corrosion. The purpose of a door edge guard, sometimes referred to as door edge trim, is to shield your vehicle’s paint from scratching or chipping at one of the most precarious locations on the vehicle—the door edge, as the name suggests.

When you or a passenger open a door, there is a chance that you will hit anything that will scratch the paint along the edge. This danger exists every time a door is opened. Every time you scrape against a curb, slam into a barrier, or bump into another vehicle, you risk chipping away some of the paint. Even the most cautious individuals might be taken aback by an unexpected mishap at any time, whether it be the abrupt arrival of a shopping cart that has gotten away from their control or a rock that is tossed up by a racing automobile and hits in just the wrong area. Door edge guards absorb the impact of door dings so that the paint on your vehicle does not have to, so preserving its aesthetic appeal, long-term structural integrity, and overall resale value.

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