Top 20 Upgrades For Rivian R1t

The Rivian R1t is a paradigm-shifting electric truck that has established a new benchmark for all other electric vehicles (EVs). It has terrific power, a fantastic range, and many entertaining features, all of which combine to make for an exhilarating ride.

However, if you want to take your experience with the R1T to the next level, the top 20 upgrades listed below are just what you need. We have gathered a list of recommendations on how to make an already amazing car even better. These suggestions range from improvements to the interior design to tweaks to the suspension.

You will be able to achieve new levels of driving enjoyment with your Rivian R1T regardless of where you drive since each update comes with additional performance enhancements. These upgrades may range from greater traction and acceleration performance to enhanced air management capabilities. So let’s get started!
Top 20 Products to Add to Your Rivian R1t
SMARTLINER Custom Fit All Weather Black Front Trunk Liner
The all-weather protection provided by the custom fit liner will provide 2022-2023 Rivian R1T owners with the utmost peace of mind about the condition of their vehicles.

No matter what the weather or spills throw at you, its raised lip and cutting-edge vehicle scanning technology will guarantee that it thoroughly covers the carpet floor every single time. This liner is manufactured from a material that is 100% recyclable, and it is skid and odor resistant.

Because of this, it is very dependable, and you may easily clean by hosing it off or washing it with soap and water. In addition, for extra piece of mind, you will get a limited lifetime warranty with the purchase of this product.
TWRAPS Spokes Vinyl Covers
TWRAPS spokes vinyl covers may be an eye-catching addition to your Rivian R1T or R1S all-terrain wheels. These vinyl covers are all created in the United States of America, using premium materials such as those produced by 3M and Avery Dennison to ensure that they are particularly long-lasting and resistant to the effects of the environment.

In addition, the exact digital cutting enables accurate size fitting as well as a streamlined installation procedure. You’ll be able to make your tires stand out from the crowd when you outfit them with the yellow spokes vinyl covers offered by TWRAPS.
Rear Seats Under-Storage Divider for Rivian R1T
These 3D printed dividers provide a significant improvement to the storage space that is located behind the rear seats of your Rivian R1T. They are designed to fit into channels that are already there, leaving a space of around 2 inches at the bottom, so enhancing the adaptability and ease of your storage.

At the time of purchase, all you have to do is choose the amount you want—the R1T can only hold a maximum of two dividers—and you can immediately get started maximizing the use of the space in your cargo area.
Headlights Smoke Tint for Rivian R1T
Are you trying to find the best solution to prevent rock chips from damaging the headlights and fog lights on your vehicle?

You don’t need to look any further. This super premium tinted PPF (which has a thickness of 8 mils, is self-healing, and is resistant to stains) enables simple installation in only 20 minutes. It is simple to remove and replace, and the fact that it has an 8-mil thickness implies that it also functions as PPF.

Even better is the fact that it can be done without the need for a heat gun or any other specialized abilities, thanks to its precise cutout design.

Because this tint offers covering for both sides of your headlights and also extends just a little bit around the light bar, when it is applied to your car, the film will seem as if it is not there, despite the fact that it is still safeguarding your vehicle. This item will satisfy all of your requirements for your automobile!
3D Printed Armrest Organizer for Rivian R1T
An organized car can make life and travels a lot simpler, and the TWRAPS 3D Printed Armrest Organizer for Rivian R1T/R1S not only helps you stay organized when you’re on the road but it also pays respect to all of the people who are passionate about Rivian!

This organizer is constructed of PETG, a kind of plastic that is safe for food contact and is very sturdy. It has compartments in which you can put smaller goods like your wallet and phone so that they do not get lost.

It has a design that is open and has deep wells so that goods may be secured even while making abrupt bends. It was established in California by two ardent enthusiasts and was manufactured with love.

It is a wonderful way to keep your vehicle neat and show some love for your favorite automobile at the same time.
Tailgate Clear Protection Film
Protecting the paint on your tailgate from the normal wear and tear of everyday use may be a challenging chore, but it is one that can be accomplished with the correct equipment. Once done, this ultra-premium self-healing paint protection film is 100% transparent and practically undetectable.

While being 8 miles thick for further protection, it can be fitted in as little as thirty minutes and is very simple to do so. No need for precise cutting or a sophisticated heat gun: simply peel and stick for a simple-to-replace, custom-fit protective barrier!

Utilize this simple but practical approach right now to keep your R1t looking as good as new.
Yellow Fog Lights Tint
Moving about in conditions such as fog, snow, or rain may be risky, but with the help of this fog lights yellow tint film, visibility can be substantially increased! To apply this protective layer, all you need to do is peel and glue it onto the housing of your fog lights.

There is no need to take the housing apart beforehand. It will just take you five minutes of your time and is quite simple to remove and replace when it is necessary. The film has already been cut with accuracy. So, there is no need to worry about utilizing heat guns or any other costly gear.

This eliminates the need for any particular skills or training. With the help of this fantastic yellow tint film, you can increase road safety in adverse conditions and get the most out of your vehicle’s fog lights.
Mobile Charger Wall Mount for Rivian R1T
At long last, the mobile wall charger that you use may be mounted with ease! You will never again have to be concerned about those annoying cables that hang loosely.

Since this item is designed to work only with the R1T and R1S, you can rest certain that it will fit without any issues. In addition, a convenient installation kit consisting of four drywall screws and four drywall anchors for secure mounting is included in the package.

Despite any visual flaws, the object that was manufactured using a 3D printer is as rock-firm as a solid rock since it was made from high-strength ABS.
Screen Protectors for Rivian R1T
Screen protectors from TWRAPS are the best method to preserve your Rivian R1T or R1S looking as good as it did the day you bought it. The PET-based barrier protects the expensive navigation, dash, and rear displays from damage caused by scratches, crashes, and spills. These screens are particularly sensitive.

Not only is it simple to put in place, but it also does not have any bubbles! In addition to helping to preserve your display, the high-gloss coating enables you to see vivid pictures with an exceptionally clear resolution.

The three-pack provides you with a sufficient number of screen protectors to ensure that your vehicle’s equipment continues to function correctly while receiving the highest possible level of protection at all times.
Bumper Clear Protection Film
It might be a challenging chore to prevent rock chips and other damage to the paint on the front bumper of your vehicle from loading accidents and other hazards. Thankfully, this solution can easily resolve this issue without any difficulty.

Because the extra premium self-healing and stain-resistant paint protection film is 100% transparent and practically undetectable once fitted, you won’t have to compromise the look of your vehicle in order to preserve it from stains and scratches.

In addition, our device is simple to set up. It comes with a video lesson that explains everything in great depth, as well as a complete installation kit, which makes it possible for anybody, even those with no prior knowledge, to set it up on their own.

In addition, precise cutting means that neither a heat gun nor any specialized skills are necessary for assembly. Avoid putting your vehicle in danger by purchasing our paint protection film as soon as possible.
Husky Liners Weatherbeater Series
WeatherBeater Floor Liners are the perfect way to safeguard your brand-new 2022 Rivian R1T! These liners are custom-fitted to your vehicle via the use of our proprietary FormFit Design as well as lasers.

As a result, they provide an unrivaled degree of protection against anything mother nature may have up her sleeve at any given time of year.

You will be able to live your life on your own terms despite everything that comes your way, thanks to the unique FormFit Edge (TM), which helps keep the mess contained throughout the whole year.

Invest in WeatherBeater Floor Liners to provide optimal protection and convenience for your vehicle and to prevent the weather from spoiling your journey.
Black Visor Vanity Mirror
Car accessories don’t have to be uninteresting; in fact, they provide a more personal touch to your vehicle as well as make long drives more bearable.

The deluxe visor mirror is the perfect accessory for any SUV since it provides an additional layer of safety and flair. Because the simple-to-install vanity visor mirror serves dual purposes as a tool for personal grooming and a reflection of the road in front of the vehicle, there is no need to worry about not looking beautiful throughout either short or long journeys.
Bumper Retainer Clips
This universal Fit Kit is the answer to your problem if you’ve needed help locating the correct size fasteners for your requirements in the past. It is a wonderful array of push retainer clips that suit door trims, radiator shields yoke, fenders, bumpers, and splash shields for a number of different automobiles.

The fact that all 240 components are included in a single box removes the need for you to travel to an auto parts shop and hunt around for various sizes, saving you both time and money.

In addition to this, the push-type retainers are manufactured from high-strength materials, which ensures that they will not readily fracture or break.

You are provided with every common size, ensuring that you will always have an identical replacement available should any of them get lost or broken over time. In addition to this, our Universal Fit Kit may be put away neatly in a single area when it is not being used.
Husky Liners X-act Contour Series
If you are the happy owner of a 2022 Rivian R1T, you are aware of how essential it is to have the ideal fit for your automobile.

Enter X-act Contour Floor Liners, which have been precisely manufactured with a rubberized material that is both soft and sturdy, as well as the innovative FormFit Edge(TM) technology, in order to provide the highest possible level of protection for your floors and carpets.

Not only do they fit well, but they are also bendable and simple to remove in the event that any liquids or messes are spilled on them. In the knowledge that the inside of your car is protected, you may bask in the greatest degree of comfort and confidence.
Door Grab Tray
Both the 2022 Riviian R1S and R1T are wonderful cars that have been meticulously crafted to provide an unmatched level of ease and pleasure. They provide excellent door-side storage options, which may be further improved with the addition of this 4PCS Center Console Tray Box thanks to the perfect fit handles they have.

Because you can better arrange the stuff in your vehicle with the help of this tray, you won’t have to worry about dealing with cluttered storage space. A wonderful device that can store your phone, sunglasses, cards, pencils, and cash in one convenient location.

The ABS material that was utilized to make this tray is both solid and long-lasting, which is the greatest aspect of the components that were used in its construction. Therefore, if you own a 2022 Riviian R1S or R1T car, you will definitely want to get this incredibly customized organizer as soon as possible.
Fit for Rivian R1t Pickup Truck
Are you looking for car components that are fully compatible with your Rivian R1t pickup truck in 2022 or 2023?

Are you thinking about modifying the standard dimensions of the car? No need to look any further! This device is simple to set up and use, yet it is crafted from high-quality materials to provide a smooth surface texture, a pliable and lightweight construction, and long-term durability.

Protect your vehicle from any harm caused by the environment while also adding a stylish touch to give it the impression of luxury. In addition to that, we provide a quality assurance service that covers a period of 24 months.

Therefore, you can buy with complete assurance, knowing that you can depend on a great fit for your Rivian R1t, and you may experience an upgrade in fashion right away.
Motor Trend Black Faux Leather
Sitting in your car can evoke a feeling of comfort and luxury, but without the proper protection for the upholstery, you may experience the opposite. Motor Trend Seat Covers are here to bring style and protection to your automobile’s interior without compromising on comfort.

Soft and luxurious microfiber leather offers cozy yet durable protection from wear and tear. On top of that, the entire seat mat is lined with high-density foam padding to help relieve everyday stress during long commutes or trips.

Never worry about slippage again; these cushions are equipped with rubber nibs on the back as well as secure elastic straps with anchors for extra reinforcement. Make every ride in your car feel like a spa oasis with Motor Trend Seat Covers!
JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle
Look no further for your electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging needs. The JuiceBox high-power charging station offers up to 7x faster charge than other leading stations in the market. Not only is it 40 amperes with 10kW of power, but it also can be installed both indoors and outdoors while providing you with a built-in cable rack and security lock.

UL listed and ENERGY STAR certified with a 3-year limited warranty for normal residential use, the station also provides convenient WiFi connectivity through the free JuiceNet app so that you can remotely control and monitor charging, get notified when your car is fully charged, set reminders to charge, along with dynamic LED light displays that indicate charging status.

The JuiceBox not only guarantees to save on smart grid energy costs by allowing you to schedule your charging times when rates are lower, but installation is as easy as plugging in a simple NEMA 14-50R outlet, or using available adapters if you’re using display outlets.
ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger
Installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging station provides convenience and flexibility in charging. The Level 2, 240-volt EV charging station is a great option, allowing you to charge EVs up to 9 times faster than a normal wall outlet and with flexible amperage settings up to 50 amps.

With the Charge Point app, you can make sure you are using the right amperage for your home after installation. This app also allows you to set a schedule for charging during lower energy use hours and will send reminders so that you remember to plug in. Hence, it will make your travels better and happier than never before.

Plus, you can use Alexa voice control with the app, giving you ultimate control over when your EV charges without requiring any manual intervention. Lastly, it is also UL listed for electrical safety and ENERGY STAR certified for efficiency, meaning it is safe and reliable.

Backed by three years of customer support from a company dedicated to EV charging with more than 10 years of experience under their belt – this charging station ensures easy access and peace of mind knowing that your EV is always charged when needed.
Nilight 4Inch Round Trailer Tail Light with flush Mount Grommets Plugs
These enhanced LED lights are a terrific way to add beauty to the back of your car while also increasing its economy. They are perfectly packed with 12PCS upgrading high-quality 3030 SMD LED chips, and their light output is three times as bright as that of competing models.

Additionally, their illumination angle is broader, which contributes to an increase in visibility. Moreover, they come with a one-of-a-kind design that provides improved installation capabilities.

This is because the grommets feature three bulges that are meant to generate an extremely tight bond between the grommet and the taillight, which will not simply slide out of place.

It is simple and straightforward to upgrade the lighting system in your car to one that has a round hole diameter of 0.39 inches.
These are just a few of the many upgrades available that can help improve your Rivian Rt1 performance, efficiency, and aesthetic.

Whether you’re looking for convenience with electric chargers or want to add a touch of style with LED lighting, there is something for everyone.

With so many choices out there, it can be overwhelming to decide what’s right for your vehicle, but the options listed here will surely give you an edge and provide a unique experience while driving. So, don’t wait to upgrade your ride – make it smarter today!

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