Top 10 Best Running Boards For Trucks

Go Rhino! RB20 side steps

Top 10 Best Running Boards For Trucks
Top 10 Best Running Boards For Trucks

The RB20 series from Go Rhino is the perfect choice if you want a set of running boards that will last a very long time and have a straightforward appearance. They are constructed out of 16-gauge galvanized steel and have an additional coating of a Bedliner sprayed on top for improved traction and defense. The Go Rhino RB20 side steps are sold in pairs and come as full kits that typically do not require any drilling. These kits include bolts and any other necessary hardware. The instructions are clear and include full-color illustrations.

The question then is why not everyone uses them. The rugged appearance and matte surface are designed with work trucks and off-roaders in mind, and their availability in vehicles other than pickups and full-size SUVs is quite limited. They also face a great deal of competition from various high-end brands at the price point they have established for themselves. The few models that have received over one hundred ratings have received good feedback that exceeds ninety percent. They should not be confused with the BR20 series, which consists of bumpers.

Westin HDX Xtreme Nerf Steps

They are, in fact, every bit as hardy as they appear to be. These one-piece steel steps feature oversized non-slip step pads made from UV-resistant polymer, no-drill installation with brackets designed specifically for your vehicle, and a seriously impressive three-year warranty on the textured black powder coating and a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel versions. Other features of these steps include a no-drill installation and a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel versions, and a no-drill installation.

You have access to just about all the exterior protection you could possibly need, as well as more steel than you can shake a driveshaft at, thanks to the fact that these bumpers were designed to match the rest of Westin’s line of other tough HDX accessories, such as their front and rear bumpers, LED grilles, grille guards, and overhead racks.

The Tyger Star Armor

Running boards typically have a weight capacity of between 250 and 300 pounds, but the robust Star Armor set of nerf bars with side steps from Tyger Auto has a rating of up to 500 pounds. This is made possible by a truss-like triple tube construction that is strengthened. When offroading, the lower rock-rail style tubes, which have a diameter of two inches and walls that are 0.120 inches thick, help to protect the rocker panels from damage and make it easier to slide over obstacles.

Nerf bars manufactured by Star Armor have their ends sealed and their innards coated to prevent corrosion. The outside has been powder coated in two stages to provide a surface that is resistant to slipping, and each level has a laser-cut star design that corresponds to the number of doors suited for your vehicle. You can get them for most newer models of Jeeps and full-size pickup trucks, in addition to other types that are popular for offroading. On their website, you can purchase apps that are not accessible on Amazon; nevertheless, the prices for identical Amazon part numbers are typically lower on Amazon.

Heavyweight and a greater price are associated with heavy-duty performance. Four-door truck models can weigh more than 50 pounds apiece, making them difficult to install and adding to your overall weight. According to some users, the side steps may use more texture to improve grip in slick circumstances. Even though they are expensive, they are typically more affordable than other premium brands.

N-FAB nerf steps

Full-length bolt-on nerfs bars with step cuts for late-model trucks and SUVs are called N-FAB EpYx nerf stairs. The EpYx distinguishes out from the rest of N-extensive FAB’s array of step bars thanks to its square bar design and striking chevron cuts.

Each door has a step that drops down, which offers a stable surface but isn’t ideal for offroading because it would catch on the ground. The bars’ tight grip on a truck’s rocker panels creates a sleek appearance, leaving only the step protruding from the vehicle. An all-steel construction with a black powder coat is used. They have modular, adjustable brackets designed for bolt-on installation, allowing you to precisely modify the fit.

The brief but clear directions we looked at for several models were easy to understand. Ratings for EpYx steps are consistently 89 percent positive across all models, which is excellent. Customers expressed their dissatisfaction with variable manufacturing quality and transportation damage.

Bully Universal Side Step Set for Trucks

Although they are inexpensive, universal side steps might be difficult to install.

Bully offers a pair of universal cast aluminum side steps that may be installed if all you need is a leg up and you’re ready to sacrifice some time and work to save money. They are around the size of that item of horse equipment, a 3.5-inch deep, textured hoop step that looks wonderful and only weighs 3.25 pounds each. They are called stirrups. They are by far the most economical choice on our list and are offered in groups of two or four.

The caliber of your installation will play a role in whether you reach the 350-pound weight rating.

These side steps will flex somewhat under greater loads, as you might anticipate for something that weighs less than a two-liter Coke bottle. There are 11 pages of instructions to read, and there are 56 parts of hardware. A basic toolkit that includes a drill, decent bits, punches, files, screwdrivers, wrenches, and sockets is also required. Bully advises using twist drills, but keeping a set of high-quality step drill bits on standby would also be wise. In some setups, the universal bracket needs to be bent.

OEDRO Running Boards

OEDRO’s sturdy, well-reviewed running boards are a stellar choice for 4-door Wrangler owners.

For owners of 4-door Wranglers, OEDRO’s robust, well-reviewed running boards are an excellent option.

The 2018-2022 4-door Jeep Wrangler JL is designed to fit OEDRO’s two-step running boards. They are made of carbon steel, and they have a black powder-coated finish for increased durability. The stairs have a laser-cut anti-slip construction, and OEDRO states they can support up to 550 pounds of weight.

Each of them weighs 37.5 pounds and is 71 inches long with a 6 inch width and height. They are bolt-on accessories, so there is no need for welding or cutting. I installed them myself, and it was a breeze, said one customer. When other users contacted OEDRO with installation-related queries, they received rapid replies, according to other users.

Ionic Curved Nerf Bars in Stainless Steel

Ionic nerf bars with step pads have a lifetime warranty and an OEM appearance.

The three-inch nerf bar running boards from Ionic feature a subtle, vintage style and an original equipment look that goes with any vehicle or SUV. They are made of 304L stainless steel, which has a lower durability rating than 304 stainless but may be easier to weld and lead to a higher-quality final product. They use a modest reinforced step area by positioning them roughly three inches below and away from your vehicle’s pinch weld using a powder-coated drop bracket. If you require a step that doesn’t hang down or a larger platform to stand or climb, you should probably choose a different kind of sidestep.

Running Boards for the Westin SG6

Aluminum as a material

Cost: $545 – $940

The 5.5-inch wide, textured, and slip-resistant step surface of the Westin SG6 Running Boards is generous. These fashionable boards have injection-molded end caps and an aluminum finish that is either polished or black powder-coated.

An end cap LED light kit is available if you intend to upgrade from the standard running board, albeit it will cost a little more. These running boards are made for a specific model and are available in various lengths to fit your cab. The mounting bracket is available for purchase separately.

Compatible Chevrolet Makes



Westin running boards are popular among Amazon reviewers because they provide an excellent grip and a large surface for stepping into your cab. These are a great improvement over inexpensive factory running boards made of plastic that have a lower weight capacity.

Double-tube running boards from KYX

The steel alloy as a material

Price: around $350

KYX® Double Tube Running Boards

The KYX® Double Tube Running Boards are sturdy alloy steel and can withstand up to 500.0 pounds without bending. Over the past ten years, KYX has improved this specific running board, including ergonomics and better anti-slip and anti-rust coatings.

Because they don’t need to be cut or drilled, installing these running boards is exceedingly simple. It should be noted that KYX’s customer support staff is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you with any queries or concerns and that a one-year warranty covers this running board.

Amp Research Power

Cost: $1,000 – $2,000

The most expensive but sophisticated running board available is the Amp Research Power Step. This running board is retractable and electrical, folding under your truck for better ground clearance, setting it apart from standard running boards. The Power Step extends when your door is opened and retracts when it is shut automatically. Amp Research also has an XL type that is broader if the regular power step is insufficiently thick.

These running boards have an anodized PTFE-coated finish for increased durability and corrosion resistance, as well as LED puddle lights. Additionally, there is a 5-year/60,000-mile warranty on the Power Step.

Running Boards TAC Viewpoint

Why It Was Selected

Are you looking for a running board that is easy to use but still appears factory-made? The running board to take into consideration comes from TAC’s Viewpoint line. Their sturdy marine-grade metal boards are made for a range of trucks, crossovers, and even minivans, with a corrugated rubber step pad for added traction. Similar to Go Rhino, TAC includes a five-year warranty for each mounting hardware set for their running boards. However, several users did report that body changes, such as drilling or thread tapping, were necessary for appropriate fitment depending on the vehicle application.

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