Cybertruck Tesla Interior: What is it like?

Since its inception in 2003, Tesla has positioned itself as the biggest brand in the electric vehicle market. They’ve achieved this through innovation and a focus on high-quality and high-end electrified automobiles, and nothing best underscores this goal better than the Tesla Cybertruck.

The world expected the unveiling of the Cybertruck to align with the company’s overarching goals of sustainable transportation. But nobody anticipated how unique the design would be.

The Tesla Cybertruck, unveiled in late 2019 with a “cyberpunk” futuristic, angular design and impressive specs, quickly became the envy of the automotive world. But more impressive is Cybertruck’s interior.

So, what’s so impressive about the Cybertruck interior?

The interior is as cutting-edge as it gets and blends this with a minimalist design that’s not for the faint of heart – fans of clutter and knick-knacks might want to look elsewhere.

However, folks that are into clean lines and a sleek, futuristic vibe will be in heaven inside the Cybertruck.

Spacious and Comfy

The Cybertruck’s interior, designed by Franz von Holzhausen and his team, is expansive. The truck can seat three up front and has a bench seat to accommodate three more at the rear comfortably. It’s a full house for the trip! The fully-electric truck also boasts plenty of legroom and headroom to travel in style and comfort.

Tech and Gadgetry

One of the standout features of the Cybertruck’s interior is its 17-inch touchscreen display and control panel, subtly borrowed from Model S and Model X.

The highly responsive screen is the central hub for all the truck’s functions, including navigation, climate control, and even video games (yes, you read that right).

Moreover, the display is also home to Tesla’s signature software, which includes Autopilot. This semi-autonomous driving mode helps you stay in your lane and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

The truck also boasts several practical features that make it well-suited for work and play. For example, the truck has multiple USB ports, 12V outlets, and a wireless phone charger to keep all your devices powered up on the go. It has a built-in air compressor and a power inverter, which are handy for inflating tires or running power tools. After all, it is a truck that you can use at the worksite.


The materials used in the Cybertruck’s interior include animal-based leather, which is supple, durable, and eye-catching. The sleek black interior scores high points on style and design.

However, there’s a vegan alternative to suede, which is as beautiful as leather. The seats are made of the same ultra-durable, stain-resistant fabric used in space suits, and the floors are coated with an exceptional non-slip finish that’ll hold up to all sorts of abuse.

But perhaps the most remarkable feature of the Cybertruck’s interior is the optional “Tesla Armor Glass” that can be installed on the windows. Musk even threw a metal ball at it in a demonstration, and the glass didn’t crack. Talk about high damage tolerance windows.


But what about storage? The Cybertruck’s got that covered, too. You can fit just about anything with 100 cubic feet of lockable storage. The 2023 Cybertruck has a 6.5 feet bed you can easily access through adaptive air suspension.

You also have under-bed storage, sail pillars, and frunk if you need more storage space. Also, the Cybertruck can pull as much as 14,000 lbs, giving you plenty of options on what to bring on the overdue road trip.

So, what’s it like inside the Cybertruck? In a word, impressive. From the high-tech gadgetry to the toughness, stylish in design and durability, it’s clear that no expense was spared in the design of this vehicle.

Josh Gallardo

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