Top 5 Tires for Ford 150 4×4

The Ford F-150 is widely recognized as one of the most common and well-liked pickup trucks in the modern era. If you take good care of this trusty pickup, it can go over 200,000 miles without breaking down. This implies that the tires will need to be replaced when the time comes.

When Ford constructed your F-150, they picked a healthy model that balances fuel efficiency, cost, treadwear, and performance. This model is the one you drive. Because your priorities may vary while searching for tires, you need to get familiar with the options currently accessible to you on the market.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

This Ford tire performs well on many terrains and lasts a long time. The main technology behind this product is the sidewall rubber, which is durable and resistant to bruises and splits. It’s a Baja T/AKR2 tire developed using BFGoodrich’s racing experience.

To further protect the vulnerable sidewall area, it has thicker rubber at the top and continues up the wall.

In addition, it employs computerized technology to identify protruding items in its path, preventing them from slicing and grabbing the tire’s sidewall and causing a blowout.

The ideal combination minimizes tire wear and chips while providing maximum tensile strength for gravel roads. The innovative tire footprint design helps spread stress more evenly, which delays wear and tear and makes any damage uniform when it does happen.

Cooper Discoverer A/T3 4S

This tire can keep your vehicle moving while providing you with stability and comfort at the same time. This product’s ability to navigate any road course, regardless of how difficult it may seem, is one factor that sets it apart from its competitors.

It has a symmetrical tread design, which means that it provides you with a precise line, which is required to have a solid grip when driving through the road.

You can easily drive the Cooper Discoverer on whatever kind of route you wish to go since it is designed to handle a wide variety of terrain. In addition to its sturdiness, it is constructed out of silicon, which is an element that moves smoothly on wet surfaces and provides a terrific experience overall.

This silicon ingredient contained in the tire reduces the likelihood of chips and cuts occurring in the tire.

Traction is another element that deserves some attention because of its importance. The tire’s friction comes from the same silica compound in the rubber. This compound enhances grip on soft surfaces while minimizing the amount of strain placed on the truck’s steering system.

The fact that it has multiple treads, which assist in reducing stone retention and spilling, is another positive feature of this product.

Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial

This is one of the most durable all-terrain tires on the market, and it resembles a mud-terrain more closely than a high-way terrain. Mud terrains tend to be more rugged than high-way terrains.

Due to the fact that it only weighs 27.6 pounds, it is very lightweight and will, as a result, give comfort and stability when traveling on the road. It may be worn in any season and has the necessary grip to be used in areas that are icy or covered in snow.

The design of the tires includes metal studs that promote snow grip even in slippery locations with a thick accumulation of snow. The tires are designed to move in a directed pattern and are constructed to be flexible in any condition.

As long as your automobile is operational, it will travel wherever you want it to go, even in the most treacherous weather conditions, like snow, as long as the snow does not prevent it from doing so.

Even if you live in a location that gets massive amounts of thick snow, the tires will easily adapt to the conditions of the surrounding environment. It has a healthy aspect ratio, indicating that the tire’s height in relation to its breadth is well proportioned.

In other words, the tire is in excellent shape. The aspect ratio has been constructed to optimally deal with any challenge that may be placed in its way.

It is not a problem to handle the maximum inflation pressure of 35 psi, but it is advised that it be used for those near 30 psi since, otherwise, it will shorten the lifespan of your tire over time.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W

This all-terrain tire, which weighs around 47.8 pounds and has a sidewall size of 275/60R20, can run flat in practically any region of the planet.

Since it has a maximum psi inflation pressure of 51, it is capable of traversing any road, even those that are covered in snow.

The resistance of the tires to cuts and chips is one of the features that, in conjunction with the sloping radius gradient lug pattern that matches it, contributes to the overall tread block severity of the tire. Additionally, this enhances the tire’s grip across all types of terrain.

This happens because the lugs maintain a significant amount of force while also dispersing a significant amount of it, which causes the pressure to be distributed evenly over the whole tire.

For muddy terrains, considered to be some of the most difficult pathways to navigate, this tire takes care of that as it is made in such a way that it can travel through muck without any issues.

Although it is not meant to be ridden through really snowy terrain, the deep shoulder lugs and siping on this tire provide an outstanding grip on snowy trails and mud and ice. This is despite the fact that this tire is not designed to be ridden through extremely snowy terrain.

When you are driving across any terrain, the really necessary thing and the thing that you should be concentrating on is the tight grip.

Firestone Destination A/T

Simply looking at the name of this tire, one may get an idea of what it is capable of. It has the appropriate tensile strength that can fit your truck’s weight, and it is quite stiff when being driven on the road. Additionally, it is meant to endure very long with very little wear and tear.

It does not matter how long it has been used since it will always maintain its high standard. Silicon material is fused into the tread design of the tire, giving it a feature that provides a solid grip on various surfaces, whether wet or dry. This characteristic allows the tire to be used more effectively.

It features an appropriately notched shoulder and a design pattern that delivers the greatest handling on the road, contributing to a longer tire tread life. This is one of the reasons why the tread life is so much longer.

Because the tread has a comprehensive design that aids in the flow of water from under the tire, the tire will guarantee that you experience less hydroplaning. The reason for this is that the design aids in the passage of water from beneath the tire.

It makes no difference whether the roads you’re driving on are drastically different from the standard coal tar roads you’re accustomed to driving on since the Firestone Destination A/T is suited for rugged and filthy terrain, making it an excellent choice for off-road excursions.

You have amazing handling and are able to drive through – thanks to its extended carbon tread, which was designed specifically for use during rainy seasons.

Choosing the Best Tires for Ford 150

A few things to think about before making a purchase are listed below.


It’s important to think about the tire size for the F150 before making a purchase. Regardless of the tire’s remarkable characteristics and the cutting-edge technology employed in its production, choosing a set of tires that is too large or too small for your vehicle is not a good idea.


It’s crucial that you think about the terrain your car will be driving on before you buy tires. You should realize that tires, regardless of how technologically sophisticated they are, will wear out (and quickly) if they are utilized on improper terrain.

Driving Style

Choosing the right tires for your vehicle requires that you have some idea of how you normally drive. You need a tire that is both aggressive and stiff if you have a tendency to drive roughly.

In addition, if you often load your vehicle to the gills, it’s a good idea to invest in tires that can handle the extra weight. All things considered, you should pick a tire that complements your driving preferences.


Always choose the longest-lasting option when buying tires. These tires aren’t inexpensive to replace, so you shouldn’t do it every now and again. You should expect your tires to wear out more quickly if you often drive on harsh terrain, so it’s best to invest in a set that can handle it.


If you look at our top picks for Ford F150 tires, you’ll find that we’ve only featured tires made by trusted brands. Especially in the rain, driving on inexpensive tires might be dangerous.

Ford F150 tires made by recognized brands tend to last longer, which means they might end up costing less in the long term. Simply said, if you’re looking for tires for a Ford F-150 and didn’t find what you were looking for on our list, go with tires from a reputable brand.

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