Best Running Boards For Toyota Tacoma

Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048 Star Armor Kit

Best Running Boards For Toyota Tacoma
Best Running Boards For Toyota Tacoma

We will have to give this product credit for one thing right off the bat: we genuinely enjoy how this product appears. Keep in mind that you do not always need running boards to protect your vehicle from side bumps and allow you to enter the vehicle in a more natural fashion.

In some instances, the sole purpose of its use is to make a fashion statement. If you own a Toyota Tacoma and are interested in transforming it into a lethal, side-armored beast that will rule the roads in your area, the Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048 kit is exactly what you need.

Who could say no to these exquisite metallic bars with their textured surface? Don’t know, but we shouldn’t put ourselves in the same category as these other folks.

However, the most significant benefit of using this product is not associated with its appearance, regardless of how fantastic it may be. Even when the surface is wet, the excellent grip is provided by the matte finish employed on the heavy-duty tubes with 2 inches diameter used in the construction. If it starts to rain, there is no way that you will hurt yourself by slipping and falling on your feet.

Last but not least, we feel obligated to give props to a durable one-piece design that provides the boards with a significant amount of the much-required durability. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that these two items are about as near as you can get to having excellent nerf bars for your Toyota Tacoma.

  • Pros Durable and good-looking design
  • The finish is matte.
  • Maintains its performance even when exposed to moisture
  • Cons
  • Prone to rust

TAC Side Steps\sTAC Side Steps

In direct comparison to the product that came before it, the TAC Side Steps have a noticeably more streamlined and straightforward design. This time, rather than a complicated and durable construction, you will receive only one tube with a diameter of 4 inches on each side of your vehicle.

This structural reduction most certainly affects the price of the package; these Toyota Tacoma running boards can be purchased for one-half of the price you are expected to pay for Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048, which is outstanding.

But does the technique compromise the bars’ endurance and the quality of their construction in any way?

To tell you the truth, not all that much. Undoubtedly, the device could have been built to a far higher standard and provided a higher level of support and protection. However, despite the current state of affairs, we have not observed any cracks, bending, or similar deformations in the object.

In addition, the finish of the boards is of the highest caliber. In the event that it starts to rain, the matte surface, in conjunction with the UV-resistant non-slip poly, provides excellent traction and ensures that you won’t go flying off the rails. We can declare that the bars have an even higher rust resistance than the previously mentioned ones.

  • Pros
  • Great price-value ratio
  • Superior constructional quality.
  • Tactile non-slip surface Cons
  • Slim design

APS Boards

Poor quality of the mounting hardware

APS iBoard Running Boards are the best running boards for Toyota Tacoma. APS iBoard Running Boards are the best running boards for Toyota Tacoma.

APS boards are the Running Boards You Need.

Simply taking a cursory glance at this product is sufficient to establish that its design is most likely one of its more significant shortcomings. We don’t want to give you the wrong impression about how these side stairs for Toyota Tacoma look; installing them won’t detract from the value of your cherished truck.

How do they fare in competition?

In this regard, the boards present a considerably more compelling argument in support of their position. The product is constructed out of metal that is as tough as nails and then covered in rubber. This creates a material that is not only extraordinarily long-lasting but also resistant to corrosion. After subjecting the pads to a variety of loads, we determined that their integrity had not been compromised in any way.

When it starts to rain, the rubber comes into its own as an exterior surface because this material shines. This is the second fantastic thing about utilizing rubber. When used correctly, even in rainy weather, utilizing these boards is absolutely risk-free and highly comfortable.

And to top off all of the positive things that we have gotten to say about this package, we had to mention the efficient low-profile design. The pads’ utility increases dramatically even if they are only lowered by an inch.

  • Pros
  • Solidity and coherence of the structure
  • the surface that is not slick
  • Low profile OEDRO Side Step that is 6 inches tall

Oedro Side Step

This product appears to be extremely similar to the first item stated on the list we provided. It’s a strange example of coincidence, yet both of these things happen to fault with it. On the other hand, they are noticeably more obvious this time. However, we are getting a little ahead of ourselves here.

Customers who want their four-wheelers to have the finest possible side protection will be satisfied with the Oedro Side Step since it is an attractive piece of hardware (at least at first glance), it is sturdy and dependable, and it is built to last. Because the multi-bar design offers good support, there is no need for you to be concerned about overloading the units with an excessive amount of weight.

The steps that are mounted on the bars are of satisfactory quality. They have a lovely non-slip surface, which is not the greatest on the market but is still more than functional, and the 6 inches of real estate provide adequate area even for larger feet.

Therefore, in terms of the overall performance of the running board, the Oedro Side Steps accomplishes its job in a manner that is significantly better than competent.


Robust design

Excellent support

Solid pads

Get the OEDRO side step measuring 6 inches now from Amazon!

N-FAB Nerf Step

The N-Fab nerf step adheres to many of the same design principles as the Smittybilt product that came before it. This time around, on the other hand, everything appears to be significantly more solid, substantial, and trustworthy overall. Considering that the product that came before this one was already an excellent piece of hardware, you can see what a tremendous compliment this is.

Indeed, if we make this already solid base even more reliable, it would result in an improved customer experience. Actually, sure. At the very least, if you are willing to accept a price increase of $200. Even though we have observed a marginal performance improvement, we believe that to be an excessive amount.

Passengers of any weight benefit from the superb support provided by these bars with a diameter of 2 inches, which are as hard as nails. Seriously, a 100 percent welded construction coupled with a four-stage powder coating results in a nearly indestructible blank that can survive any, and all climatic extremes thrown its way.

You now have a package that, while it does have a few minor flaws, more than makes up for them in areas that are essential for the type of product that it is. If you have sufficient funds to spend and can see past these challenges, you will be more than delighted with the outcome.

  • Pros
  • Excellent build quality
  • Reliable performance
  • Weather-proof

2005-2020 Fit Toyota Tacoma

I believe that at this point, we can all agree that, in terms of design, the market for running boards has become relatively stagnant. Even though there are a few chrome-encased deviations here and there, the vast majority of the products adhere to the conventional layout and design principles.

If you are sick of seeing nerf stairs that all look the same, you are going to be pleasantly surprised by what Ajaa has been able to bring to the market.

How would you characterize these planks? Futuristic? Cutting-edge? Massive? Mean-looking? What’s the deal with all of these compliments? Even more impressive is the fact that two boats currently on show here can, for the most part, slip in beneath the car. Climbing is not significantly more difficult than it was designed to be, even though you can see all of the jagged edges.

This is mostly backed by the fact that the pads, which have an appearance that is just as harsh and menacing as the main bars, are roomy and boast exceptional surfaces that do not slip.

Therefore, the components that ought to be highlighted are highlighted. Others are concealed from view beneath the car for their own safety.

Additionally, we would like to bring to your attention that the materials used in the construction of this structure are of the highest quality. The black matte metal that was utilized in the construction process is not only resilient but also aesthetically pleasing.

  • Pros
  • Excellent materials
  • Futuristic design
  • Pads that are both roomy and dependable.

The best running boards for a Toyota Tacoma are the UFRAME Black Matte Finish 3″ Round tube Drop Step Side Step Nerf Bar.

 UFRAME Black Matte Finish 3″ Round tube Drop Step Side Step Nerf Bar

At long last, Uframe is providing us with a pair of high-quality running boards to distribute. It’s just a fluke, but the package was the last thing mentioned in this roundup. Though, these nerf bars are commonly among the best examples of the categories that we have discussed on the list.

What exactly are we dealing with here? Well, it’s the tried-and-true design of a single bar (the manufacturer utilized bars with a diameter of 3 inches this time), linked with non-slip foot pads for each pair of doors. In spite of the fact that all of these things perform like a charm, we would want to see more clearance between the bars and the pads.


  • Strong bars with a diameter of three inches
  • Beautiful matte finish
  • Simple yet effective design

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